dOP footage from The Efir

Damian Van de Sande, Clement Zemstov, Jonathan Illel or dOP represents a new genre in the electronic music scene , combining electronic beats/synths with live vocals . Another footage featuring the three guys from The Efir club in Sankt Petersburg. More … Continued

Nima Gorji at Midi this Friday

At the 2010 edition of Ibiza DJ Awards, Nima Gorji received the award of Ibiza resident DJ. Along with a floating collective of DJs and producers he is now part of the creative landscape of the island with his label Welt … Continued

Jamie Woon Interview

The last couple of years were definetely great for Jamie Woon . With his mixture of dance and electronic elements he conquered the scene , now his tracks being played over and over , remixed , sampled and so on … Continued

MODULAR: The Documentary

A very interesting documentary about modular and a tribute to analog sounds will be featured in the upcoming “Modular” . This is the extended promo video and features some of the east coast participants such as Morton Subotnick, Sean McBride … Continued