2012: a year in creativity by Archipel’s Pheek

All year of 2011, I’ve been grumbling about the releases that were getting all the attention. Most of the time I would not understand all the hype around it while some brilliant music wouldn’t get noticed. There’s not much we can do about this and getting grumpy is nothing helpful either. After talking with the label members in the internal discussions, it was clear that we have our own bubble of people and supporters, we just need to be even more creative and feed them with good things.

That came in about the same time as Stefan Goldmann brilliant text about music popularity and the industry. If you haven’t read it or missed it, I highly recommend you to take some moments to read it because there’s much to learn both from for producers but also for the music enthusiast. To resume it quickly, Goldmann explains that, to survive in the music business, no matter what, you’ll be rewarded if you’re creative and go forward thinking. Again, read it to get his point.

How to follow that theory was then the question that brewed in my mind.

Then came Sven Laux. We had been exchanging a lot about his following release on Archipel and I felt I wanted to push him in a conceptual album direction, under my vision. I wanted to give him guidelines, ideas, and see what he would pop out. I was talking about that with some other guys I can’t remember and they were all envious… wanting to have some sort of challenge.

Then I thought, how about I create a label where artists receive a document that describe a conceptual album shaped for them with a lot of rules, directives and don’ts. Everyone would work with a manifesto. I invited a initial team of 7 guys to test the idea.

My friend Mateo (Murphy) suggested we should create an online conceptual album generator where people can login, get their concept and then submit back their project. The idea was nailed, the label is shaped and we’re now in the progress of making this project working, early 2012.

You can expect weirdness and hear artists challenged to do things they’re not used to do. It can only be good!

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