Scarlett Etienne at Midi on 28th September 2012

Scarlett Etienne is one of a rare breed – an inimitable talent and an artist that is impossible to pin down. Through her many ever-evolving roles – be it club DJ, producer, singer, songwriter or label head – everything Etienne … Continued

Andrey Zots – ARMA03

The Moscow club ARMA17 is not only at the forefront of Russia’s burgeoning dance music scene but a fixture of Moscow’s nightlife. When the club first opened in 2008, the concept was to bring renowned international artists into Russia while … Continued

Charlie, LOSE iT #08 7th September 2012

Charlie was born in 1989 in Galati, Romania. Started dj-ing in 2007 when he felt he needed to share his vision with his friends, but then things got bigger since 2009 when he started to play warm up acts for some artists. In … Continued