DJ Sneak, D’julz

DJ Sneak is for sure one of the House music pioneers, self proclaimed “I’m A House Gangster”. He is playing at Egg London Friday the 1st of March, in an event organized by the X project team. For this event DJ Sneak … Continued

Pheek, Ice EP review – Climat 001

In an interview with music platform Kana a few years back, Jean Patrice-Remillard, better known as Minimal Techno connoisseur, Pheek, remarked that he felt he had accomplished his personal goals insofar as his music was concerned: a testament to his … Continued

a.crihan, Nightclubber Podcast 87

a.crihan also known as Alin Crihan, by his real name was born in the summer of 1990 and he started playing around with music since he was 14. Then after moving to Bucharest in 2009, he still remained deep in love with … Continued

Praslea at Dan Sane in UK 23 February 2013

Downlo UK proudly announce Praslea as their main guest for the second party of 2013. Praslea is already a big name on the international scene, and one of the most surprising djs that is rocking the crowds. Accompanying Praslea will be the residents Nyra and Loshea.   Read … Continued

Pjay at Kontrast Belgium 02 Feb 13

Pjay is bringing a new and orginal vibe into Belgium’s underground house playground. It all started out with listening to hip-hop, soul and rap music. Later he started to go out and fell in love with club music. One after … Continued

Shcaa, Nightclubber Sideways 005

Shcaa was born in Paris and after moving to different places in his life, he is now settled in London since a few years. What made him active into music was the 60’s and 70’s psychedelic and space rock with … Continued

Vlad Caia, Alsi, Sublee at Mansarda Bucharest 23 Feb 13

Saturday 23rd of February at Mansarda in Bucharest, Vlad Caia is invited. Be aware that this might mean latest unreleased music or the hottest selected music, that describes Vlad Caia’s taste for discovering new sounds. Alongside Vlad you can hear, Alsi project formed by Alex … Continued

Priku at Tabasco Club in Firenze 15 Feb 13

Bring The Noise invites Priku tonight in Firenze at Tabasco Club. Adrian Niculae aka Priku spins the decks since 2004, he’s a full time member in the Sunrise Booking Agency family and constant figure nowdays at any party concept you might think off. If you’re … Continued

0x7f live at Paloma Berlin 07.02.2013

Stefan Klaas also known as 0x7f doesn’t  follow any standards or trends and has a distinct feel for deep melodic tunes with lots of  clicks and field recordings wrapped into complex minimalistic sound structures. This is his latest live recording from Paloma Berlin. … Continued

Vera at Nana Club Rome 15-11-2008

Vera stands for sophisticated, deep, electronic dance music, somewhere between house and techno. She has started to work on her own definition of house music – bridging classic house with new influences. Nowadays Vera is known  for her quality sound and also for … Continued

Suburbs – Plaiesii EP Footage

This is a video montage created for ARCHPL026 release, on Archipel called Plaiesii EP by Suburbs. Video footage was made by our coleague Camelia Nedelcu, so any feedback will be kindly appreciated. This is our first video material made for a … Continued