DoubtingThomas, Nightclubber Sideways 08

The concept behind ”DoubtingThomas” lays on the accidental side of composition in the manipulation of sounds in the recording and sequencing process. He released on LessIzmo, Igloo, Safari Electronique, Serialism, Mutivitamins, Soul Jazz records, Little Hepers and in October 2012. was featured Read … Continued

Marco Carola, Music On Ibiza 2012

Marco Carola is the recognized global ambassador of Italian techno. It’s a position he treats with the utmost care and respect—and one that stands him among the hallowed company of contemporary techno’s leading practitioners. Hailing from Napoli in the south of … Continued

Zefzeed b2b G76 at Nightclubber Party – 26.04.13

We can can listen to our own Zefzeed and G76 b2b recording from April this year. Zefzeed started to mix in 2005, had a residency at No Name club in Timisoara, where shared the decks with renowned names in the electronic music scene. Next week he’s invited … Continued

Giovanni Verrina, Nightclubber Podcast 94

Music can’t be explained, as it should be chosen with our hearts. The passion for experimental is thus the passion for the utter enjoyment of life. Giovanni Verrina knows that best and, as an Italian artist based in Genoa, Liguria, … Continued

Pheek- Primavera Edits [Climat 002]

Jean – Patrice Remillard, going by the name of Pheek, captivates our minds and souls with beats of unconventional beauty. A dose of unconformity in sound acts as an incentive on the mind. So why not bring imagination to life … Continued

Black & White Music by Yoshihiro Hanno

Yoshihiro Hanno aka Radiq is both a musician and a producer well-known all over the world for his electronic music, movie soundtracks and orchestral pieces. Hanno has no limits in creating musical masterpieces that create an amazing sensation and draw … Continued

The Mole – History Of Dates [PERLON94]

From the cold days of Canada, we bring you a top DJ of the world: The Mole. He doesn’t come alone, nonetheless. DJ Sprinkles, of whom USA people must have heard, rework the ‘Lockdown Party’ on the recently announced release … Continued

Raresh & Praslea at Ibiza Sonica – 09-10-2012

Praslesh represents a duo formula formed by Raresh and Praslea, that are fantastic separately and sublime together.  Raresh is one of the most appreciated Romanian DJs. The co-owner of [a:rpia:r] and a techno enthusiast one can rarely find, Raresh is a already a star of the … Continued

Federico Molinari – Pildoras EP

Federico Molinari never stops ! His new Pildoras EP, released in May 2013 on Oslo Records label contains two tracks that are very well produced focused on extraordinary housed up beats. Pildoras – the opening track – simply hypnotizes the … Continued

Laurine Frost – Metafora Of The Wolves [NM009]

Unmistakably unbelievable, Laurine Frost’s fascination with the power of experimentalism keeps bringing around the enchantment of dead on sounds. Therefore, this month comes with a new vinyl release, one on which wild beasts are now put on wild beats. ‘Metafora of … Continued

Ravzan, Nightclubber Unknown 500

Music for the sensitive years, tracks that are appreciated without taking in consideration the name of the artist that recorded the set. Our bi-monthly anonymous mix series returns with another episode and only after 500 plays we will reveal the … Continued