Chop Suey – LowMoneyMusicMix for Nightclubber

Chop Suey consists of Alexander Einetter and Avos, devoted vinyl addicts that never had any issues spending their money on what they love most: music. Their style is characterized by a mixture of different ingredients and their favorite dish seemed … Continued

Piticu – Tipic EP [UNM01]

Unanim, the newest Romanian vinyl record label is ready to offer to music addicts new feelings and vibes through its future releases. Piticu, one of Sunrise’s artists, is surprising us once again after his productive collaborations with the Getik Funk project in 2012 … Continued

Nastia – Maslo EP [NILLA 005]

Years as a DJ have passed bringing forward undeniable irresistible mixes that catch on the soul and don’t let it die. The time has come for Nastia to step ahead, way ahead, by releasing her first ever EP on Nilla … Continued

Miss I vs. Crihan at Control Club 28-7-2013

Two special guests were present at this party: Alin Crihan, also known as Crihan, who loves to offer an exclusive world of  beats to his fans through his music. The other guest of the night was Miss I, on her real name Parlog Ioana. Miss … Continued

Seuil, 2 Up Modules EP – [EKLO026]

Imagine being trapped in a world without electronics. If you can’t, take the example of Seuil, who stepped into the world of music hardware to create 2 Up Modules. His classical and jazz experience has driven the spirit of his … Continued

Rebekah Aff, Nightclubber Podcast 98

It is time for a new Nightclubber podcast, one teeming with the life of deep house and techno. To this chemical reaction some dub is added to make things rustling with energy. Yes, the time has come for Rebekah Aff … Continued

Giovanni Verrina,Tulbure & Polarize @ Z21 Kazantip 2013

Giovanni Verrina is an Italian DJ who has played in clubs from all over the world. He made his presence felt on the electronic music scene through his cutting-edge instrumental sounds. Polarize’s colourful sets and remarkable music brought him many fans. Matei Tulbure … Continued

Baby Ford – Tin Of Words EP [AUTO 05]

This one is a supernatural, out of this world collection of collapsing energy waves. Listeners may experience the sudden burst of unsettling vibrations, finely conducting streams of drums under a pattern that dates from the first days of minimal techno. … Continued

Rhadoo mixes Fabric 72 CD

Install your headsets and dream away with new sounds from a new compilation. If you believe in the excitement of a new start, if your senses urge you to explore uncharted spaces, then fabric 72 is exactly what you need. … Continued

Zefzeed – Roserie EP

When in search of the enchanted way of the inspiring music, stop for a second and listen to the aftermath of a profoundly lived experimental, stop for a second and vibe at the sound of Zefzeed’s tracks. Seven years of … Continued