Vadim Svodoba, Nightclubber Podcast 99

Although Vadim Svoboda comes from a classical musical background he quickly developed a passion for electronic music and production. Sounds have always been part of his life. His live shows are made with musical instruments and hardware such as synthesisers and drum machines. After a few gigs, Read more […]

Mosaic Split Series – Part One

What would you say if after a 10 years break a highly appreciated label like Mosaic Label releases a brand new vinyl record that contains two awesome tracks. Bliss is simply a too small word. Mosaic Label is founded and … Continued

Cristi Cons, Suspecte EP [EKLO027]

Cristi Cons is now part of the Eklo family thanks to his latest 12” EP – Suspecte. Based in Paris, Eklo Records has been created by the French DJ Seuil and is an ace in releasing deep modern house music. … Continued

Julietta & Ana at Off Sonar Barcelona 2013

Julietta discovered the first House parties in the early nineties. Regularly she remained in miscellaneous record shops, always in search for some new Chicago house and Detroit records – at that time still without any DJ ambitions. At the end … Continued

Masomenos talks with Nightclubber

First of all, hello Joan and Adrien. How are you guys doing? M : Great! We just welcome our little baby girl, and are having an awesome but exhausting time concealing family life and work.   So, you are back in … Continued

Nicolas Franken, Unknown500

We start with a new edition of Nightclubber Unknown500. This section attracted a lot of interest lately so we cannot keep our listeners on the bench. As you, probably, know we unlock download button and artist name as soon as it reaches … Continued