Nastia at Suxul, Ingolstadt on April 5, 2014

A total professional when it comes to her mixing, Nastia offers an unforgettable experience with every gig. Nastia’s monumental reputation comes from the quality of her sets and the sensations that they provide.      Addicted to the energy she gets from DJing and … Continued

Looper label to release debut EP on June

At the beginning of June 2014 a new electronic based label makes its entry on the underground music industry. We are sure that Looper label is going to write history. This first release includes three tracks named 01a1, 01b1 and 01b2 and we are extremely anxious … Continued

Smoke, Unknown500

Growing among elitist music lovers, Smoke always knew that he is going to be a part of the music scene one way or another. His love for electronic music came in he’s early 20`s after getting hypnotized at a few … Continued

Ferro, Unknown 500

For Amsterdammers, Ferro has been around for years. He first emerged at the age of 17 with learned sets that were as influenced by classical music as they were jazz and science fiction. Now, years later, his profile is beginning … Continued