Locura Records

“Locura” means mental alienation , but Locura also is a new italian label .  The vision of the project is emotional oriented, you can feel it as you listen to the sound : the mission is upstream .

Main sources of inspiration are early days’ Chicago house, devoted to the disco and funky verbo ,also the ethereal and hypnotic house from Detroit , with acid house interferencies and then techno, coming to the innovative“intelligent” subgenresupdated with modern technologies and new cognitive approaches… the world is in crisis , our identities are to be killed, people feels himself as small ; world of clubbing has a social hype never before seen: everything is “locura” , some people are involved into the mechanism,othersstick with their teeth just to partecipate ;there is also people who just doesn’t care , doing just what they want : LOCURA is freedom of expression , feeling and emotion.

Locura’s roster include : Wi-fi soul , Luca Bear , E-dward , Gabriele Baldi , Quike. Below you can check out some productions , we will keep you updated with future sets and releases .

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