3rd Nightclubber Anniversary with Terje Bakke, Ivel Tax and MRK at SETUP Timisoara 19-11-2011

After a continuous period in which we received good feedback related to our activity, another year passed without noticing. 2011 was the best as motivating, since our existence, a year that brought some good invites on Nighclubber Podcast collection:  Bill Patrick, SIT project, Rayo, Dasha Redkina, Nadja Lind, Sonja Moonear names that make us proud to be available on the underground sound sphere level of 2011. We simply grow from day to day, month to year but nothing could reach this moment without having the people, that share the same love for the unique electronic sounds. We celebrate 3 years through this event, that goes special from our side to all the ones that believed in our crew activity since now, our partners and all the open-minds that we virtually met and shared some smiles together.

Our main role was to find the names that grew on the year of 2011 through the quality music and productions, being apart and unique from the electronic styles that you can hear anytime from “here to there”. The heart started to beat a little faster when we name the Anniversary invites: Terje Bakke, Ivel Tax and Mrk.

Terje Bakke is a dj/producer from Bergen, Norway that mesmerized a lot of music lovers with his unique sounds and the attitude behind the decks .  Maybe one of his most promising tracks to date would be Ekaterinburg  , track that was played by the likes of Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves, Tini, Ryan Crosson or Cesar Merveille . In a interview this summer Cadenza‘s artist Reboot named Terje the name to watch out this year and in the future to come . He released on labels as Be Chosen and Soulfooled and his last two ep’s had support from the likes of Villalobos, Reboot, Raresh , Marco Carola or Loco Dice to name a few.

More info here.

Ivel Tax is a young dj, producer and label owner from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He started his producing career some years back, having his debut in 2007. Since then he had the privilege to work or to share releases with artists like Aaron-Carl, Jefferson VelazquezSteffi or the Dutch duo Jeroen Search & Dimi Angelis and labels like TerpsichoreAll Inn Black or Studio Soulrock. He is also managing the Green Apple Radio Show, a 2 hours monthly show on Proton Radio and Ensonic Radio. In 2009, Levi started his own label Disco Birds focusing on underground house music.

More info here.

Since we are located in the town of Timisoara (Romania) and our parties went down here , we got the chance of meeting a lot of people from the local scene . Maybe one of the people that we felt sharing our tastes for the more ellaborate sounds is Marko (Mrk)Mrk is a young dj, that started to play at some weekly underground parties and although his sound varied a lot , we think that he is finally getting to the point were one can dissociate a regular dj from an artist that manipulates layered sounds . Mrk‘s future seems promising and if not now , soon he will surprise you .

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