a.crihan, Nightclubber Podcast 87

a.crihan also known as Alin Crihan, by his real name was born in the summer of 1990 and he started playing around with music since he was 14. Then after moving to Bucharest in 2009, he still remained deep in love with his passion for music, either behind the turntables or in his bedroom studio. His work has been released on a few labels such as Baalsaal, Mirau or Poker Flat, under the “Aeromaschine” pseudonym.
Despite his young age he already played at various mixtures of parties, opening names like Raresh, Prâslea, Valentino Kanzyani, Lawrence, Mike Dehnert, Nicolas Jaar, Alexander Robotnik.
The future is still a work in progress for a.crihan, and little by little his sonic universe expands in new and interesting directions, so keep close, it might catch your eyes (and ears).

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