Adjustment Bureau, Nightclubber Sideways 017

Vladimir Saxonov & Denis Kondraschenko, or Adjustment Bureau, is a duo from St. Petersburg that has focused it’s attention on the “vinyl only” format. The project has released it’s music on labels like Hypertone, Bodyparts, Pleasure Zone, Metroline.
With debut album “EPINE VIGNETTE EP” on Hypertone, Adjustment Bureau held 1st place in the “top 50 exclusive vinyls presale” Their album “FUM LENES EP”, released on Pleasure Zone, sold out in 2 days.
In April 2015 the artists released a new EP titled “Time Goes By” on BodyParts Records.
2016 will be full with new releases all exclusively on vinyl. A taste of what we see now is: “Noapte de Nature EP” (incl Hubble remix) on Only Material Matters out now in all vinyl stores.

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