Adrian Niculae – Acoustic EP [MTF001]

There are masters in the art of painting, there is brilliancy in the art of writing and here is creativity at work in the art of music. Here is delight in both sculpting grooves on a vinyl and making it play, here is Acoustic EP from Adrian Niculae, also known as Priku.

Motif represents a new beginning in the world of labels, as it is the motif for which Priku goes beyond what we knew and decides to draw a new line in his life as a producer and a DJ.

Acoustic conveys the sound of experimentation within a dark, mysterious theme of piano ripples on the micro house texture. Addictiveness controls the beats of two tracks. One can’t put them in a category, as Priku can’t be described in a word or two. One may listen to all his work from 2004 until now, and still won’t find a line, but only shifts of experimentation.

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