Alexander Einetter, Nightclubber Podcast 95

Alexander Einetter was born in the ’90s in Frankfurt am Main and grew up in places like Freebase record shop or Robert Johnson the club. These locations definitely helped Alexander Einetter to create the sound he has today. In addition to that, he has also drawn some inspiration from ZipPerlon crew, RPR Sound but also from the house masters Boo WilliamsTheo Parrish or Moodyman.

The journey of producing music started in 2010 with two friends, Bodin and Jacob, though most of their time was invested in collecting vinyls. Producing music started with the idea of creating something undefined.

“For my inspiration I don’t care what it is, if it’s classical music – RachmaninoffSteve ReichLudovico Einaudi or any other composer with such a strong feeling for sounds. The simpleness of breaks and smooth hip hop beats also drive me crazy. Inspiration is everywhere and I am totally up to listen to it.

I am very happy to announce that we (Roderick MerkxTjeerd Wijffels and Moses Mawila) will soon launch our own Label with tracks of our own and an old dog with new tricks.

I believe changes now happen in the music industry, lots of upcoming labels and a lot of our heritage slowly moves back into the present, so I am really curious about the years to come and we remain looking forward to all our upcoming projects.”

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