Alexandru Jijian, Nightclubber Podcast 05

Alexandru Jijian is a good friend of us  so we discovered in him, the whole wide area of sounds that he likes to play, without a specific schedule described in minutes. He delivers a good underground spectrum from Techno through Experimental or just simply underground house from the 90’scene.

“When I see people dancing and smiling while I play, I know that we’ve overcomed the long and hard process of getting to know each other. Sound helps me create a bridge that makes the direct communication seem old and rusty.

I haven’t tried to integrate in the clubbing / dance euphoria scene in a different way than how I started: I continue to be a loyal nightlife consumer, I have my own vision of the Romanian electronic music scene and I work hard to bring it to life.

I am constantly fascinated by simple ambient music, with long synths and beautiful harmonies. This is an obvious collective reminiscence of the 70’s, a period that I can only dream about but that I can feel when I hear its music. This is why in my sets the slow and coherent build-up is a recursive element. I play idm, electronica, experimental music, glitch and sounds influenced by the rhythms of Jamaican dub.  I play music under the protective cloak of industrial Berlin. I play music for the mind that lives in a dancing body. Techno music for Temporary Autonomous Zone.”

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