Amphia 005 with Raresh, Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia

A name that makes you think of endless possibilities, music that morphs in ways they can only imagine. Like the lost world of Atlantis, Amphia is here to rediscover some of the lost artefacts of ancient electronic music using a very futuristic technique.

After four releases that featured Cristi Cons, Vlad Caia (separate and as their SIT project), Amphia‘s fifth release brings on a very special project in the form of Raresh, Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons together as Verico. The Numiris EP consists of a collection of three live studio recordings: Huguk, Numiris and Ambifoco, with additional editing and arrangement done by Vlad Caia. Numiris EP is a different sound from what Amphia enthusiasts have become accustomed to, never the less, we hope you find it appealing to your senses.

Video by Vlad Caia

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