Amphia at Club Midi with Raresh, Cristi Cons, Vlad Caia and Mihigh – 30 March 2013

In one of the biggest cities in Romania, Cluj Napoca, there will be another outstanding and unique party, Amphia label night that will take place at Club Midi.

Raresh, of the most vibrant DJ’s out and Mihigh a DJ that we find particular in many ways, were invited by Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia – the label owners of Amphia imprint to make the 30th of March an unforgettable night for all of those who will attend it.

Raresh, is one of the leading romanian DJ’s and one third of [a:rpia:r] project with Petre Inspirescu and Rhadoo. Nowadays, he is experiencing a great popularity in Europe and world-wide, where clubbers from all over the world are enjoying his innovative music, technique skills and pyrotechnic style. Raresh will surely make all the people from Club Midi to smile, until the morning.

Cristi Cons studied cello for more than 18 years and he graduated the National Music Academy. After the university studies, Cristi started djing and the change was auspicious, because he created a unique set of tracks, in which instrument traces were introduced, such as the his beloved cello, thus his passion for classical music and art being outlined.

Vlad Caia is also a DJ and good producer and Cristi Cons’s friend for a long time. Along with Cristi, they founded in 2011, Amphia, a record label known by the entire clubbing community, because it promotes one of the most uncommon complex and mesmerizing music in the same time. The music that Vlad Caia produces has jazz elements, classical and orchestral influences and everyone that listens to his tracks will instantly enter into a meditation state.

Mihigh, is the resident DJ and manager from Club Midi. Besides his full agenda at the club he is often invited, to play outside Romania here including Berlin, Odessa, London or to perform at Sunwaves afterhours. Without saying any more words, he describes his work as “dirty old school underground house music”.

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