Andrey Pushkarev, Nightclubber Podcast 32

Andrey Pushkarev was born in Votkinsk, small town in the region of The Ural Mountains and moved to Moscow in 2000 . He was involved in the records industry for some time, that probably being the most important factor in shaping his current sound style. Before letting you enjoy our 32th episode of Nightclubber Podcast, we invite you to read a interview and find more about our latest guest Andrey Pushkarev.

1. Hello Andrey, how are you?

Coming back to life after the weekend, it’ s all fine, thanks.

2. How did you fell in love with electronic music and when did you start dj-ing?

It happened when I was in school, 1995 or 1996. My friends and I took up listening to drum and bass music, there were lots of impressions, tons of emotions at that moment. Then techno music appeared in my life bringing in new people, who asked me some day to play at one of the parties. That was the way it all started.

3. We know you moved from Votkinsk to Moscow in 2000, did this changed your vision regarding sound ?

In 2000 I moved to Moscow from my native town Votkinsk, near Izhevsk. I wouldn’t say that it changed completely everything, but new directions and options were certainly given. Firstly, it made getting vinyl records easier. Secondly, completely different lifestyle of the capital influenced my way of life and brought new challenges and opportunities.

4. We know you were one of the few main record dealers in Moscow 10 years ago and you worked for a German based company. How was it?

It goes without saying, it was an enormous experience for me. It gave me an opportunity to contact promoters, DJs, music resellers’ owners directly. It also let me dive into the sphere professionally with the access to the music updates, being informed and supported by musical media giants such as Groove, De:Bug and Slices Dvd Magazine. It was like honey given to a bear, to stop was almost impossible..

5. In the last couple of years you visited Romania quite often, what can you tell us about the Romanian scene?

In my opinion, there should be much more information known to be able to assess the level of Romanian club industry development. My personal view based on my experience is that it’s quite advanced and what is more important, it has real potential for further development.

6. Can you compare the Romanian scene to the one in Russia?

I’ m frequently asked this question. I’ ll be short: it’ s all about differences. Different historical and cultural background, social identities hardly to be compared, different music comprehension.

7. How many records does your vinyl collection contain?

It consists of about 5000 records, although it could be much more by now.

8. Tell us a bit more about your new and future plans?

Recently i’ve been developing the project in the cooperation with my close friend. It can’t be said more about it for now but it takes most of my time and will be released in a year and a half, it’s also totally new experience for me. Speaking about the rest of my life, it’s just the same: gigs, mixes, etc.

9. Memorable gigs worth to be mentioned?

One of the latest gigs worth to remember took place in Olten (Switzerland). Last year the most memorable were gigs in Budapest and also Romanian ten-hour New Year 2010 set in the Save Club. It was one of the best New Year parties. As well, South American gigs in 2009 should be mentioned, particularly Columbian open-air in the mountainous area of Medellin.

10. How do you like to spend your free time?

Frankly speaking,I have none of it lately, but if it happens I prefer sleeping first to all the possibilities.

Andrey Pushkarev is represented exclusively in Romania by Cyclic Agency.

More info here.

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