Andrey Zots, at NervMusic Label Night 15.04.2011

Andrey grew up in the outskirts of Sergiev Posad, an old Russian city. At the early age, he began playing piano and guitar and received education in classical music. Later moved to Moscow to study at the prestigious Finance Academy. It is here, in the megalopolis of 14 million people Andrey found club culture and techno music. It was probably the most exciting discovery of his life. Since that day, Andrey is two different persons. Every morning, the first one puts on a white shirt, ties a tie, and goes to shuffle papers at the bank. The second one sits at the computer in his home studio all nights long. At the end Andrey forfeits the career of a banker in favor of what he really deems interesting. To make a living, he becomes sound supervisor at a radio station. His career skyrockets several years later, when he is invited to work at the largest Russian film company. But that old flame, Andrey’s love for techno music, doesn’t want him to stay put. Andrey pours the years of experience of working with sound into his musical projects.

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