Andrey Zots – Impressed EP

Impressed” is a 5-track EP from electronic music producer and performer Andrey Zots. This particular release has been in the works for nearly 2 years: it might seems like an absurdly long amount of time to work on a release that features five tracks, but when you’ll start listening to the playlist, you will understand why it must have too quite a long time to settle on the final result: these productions are high quality because of their manic attention to details, texture and composition.

Hailing from Russia, producer Andrey Zots is featured on the EP with 3 original pieces of music, as well as 2 remix version from fellow producer Dan Andrei and Nea Marin. Andrey toasts a unique approach to his blend of underground techno music, incorporating elements as diverse as minimal and house: it’s all about organic textures, dense atmospheres and lush melodies making their way though steady beats and sparse, yet rich backgrounds.

Opening track “a1: ty spal” leads the listener into a fully immersive experience, alongside with title track (“2a: impressed”) and last original number “b1: yulia’s dreams are always sweet”. The remix versions obviously boast a slightly different character as Dan Andrei re-imagined the EP’s opening number and Nea Martin took the title track on quite a different spin with his remixed version.

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