The story of Archipel label

Founded in 2004 in Montreal by Pheek, Archipel was at first a simple project of publishing samples for a community to make special projects around it. Over time, the project became a label of free expression for artists who often felt, could not do things like they want.

Archipel is a collective of musicians and designers in question to unite their skills in achieving new creative projects. As a label, Archipel release music on CD, 12″ and mp3, with songs made from a collective library of sounds. By forcing musicians to think again of their own music production routine, we hope to see emerge music with it’s own identity.

Now after almost seven years the label has a total of 82 releases under their belt featuring artists like : Pheek , Anonym , Ryan Crosson , Kalabe und Liebe , Tom Ellis , Cleymoore , Vakula , Jin Choi , Cesare vs Disorder to name a few ; plus other variations like compilations and so on . You can check more info on their official website and facebook page.

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