[A:rpia:r] at Casino Sinaia 22 December 2012

You can’t say for sure what drives you the most when listening to an [a:rpia:r] set: Raresh’s energy, Rhadoo’s strategy or Petre Inspirescu’s poetry but you will most definitely recognize and remember this unique sound.

The [a:rpia:r] crew prepares to conquer the montains this December. The last Sunrise event of the year will take place in Sinaia (Casino Sinaia), 22 December 2012, so better be prepared for another elaborate set in a one of a kind environment. Also the warmup session will see Kozo behind the decks.

Entry fee: 30 Ron <12 am> 40 Ron

Info and reservations:

Catalin +40 744 362 310

Alexandra +40 727 213 367

Alex +40 724 664 224

or e-mail info@sunrise.ro

Details here.


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