Raresh, Pedro & Rhadoo Live at Cigarra Under Privilege, Chile – 2011

Sunday evening brings us our most appreciated romanian trio known world-wide for the clean and elegant view of the music. This recording is from Cigarra Under Privilege, party that took place in Chile.

Rhadoo is or would be the brains of the project and a more radical part, Pedro the delicate and abstract part, and Raresh the social part , the soul of the project.  Each one of the has it’s own story , all of them have a sort of symbiotic connection to one another , each one of them has its own perception regarding electronic music , and despite all these diferences they manage to find common line , we think this is the beauty of RPR.  Raresh always smilling , Pedro hiding under his cap, Rhadoo the tall one and a more serios attitude. It’s all fun but also it’s quality electronic music.

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