Art Department interview for VibeFM

Art Department is the brainchild of Canadian techno/house Legend Kenny Glasgow and Canada’s fastest rising star and No.19 label owner – Jonny White. VibeFm had the opportunity of chatting with Kenny G from Art Department, interview that you can check our below or on their website.

1. Second time in Romania after the 1st of May festival. How was it like to play with Kerri Chandler improvising on keyboards? Was it your first time with him? :)
Yes, it was our first time playing with Kerri Chandler. For us, who grew up listening to other DJs play Kerri Chandler records, was an honour to be performing on the same stage as him.

2. Does the passion for music come from your families?
Yeah, both of our families were somehow involved in music or the music business.

3. So, what artists influenced your production?
It wasn’t necessarily an artist who had influence on our music, I would say more a time period for music steming from disco, funk, rock, new wave and synthpop and of course classic house music from the late 80’s into the early 90’s.

4. What do you like best: in the studio making music or behind the decks mixing? Why?

I feel to be good at either you have to love and be good at both equally

5. Lots of girls find your music sexy. Is it because of Kenny, because of the basslines?

A very intresting question this one I think the baselines and song lyrics have a lot to do with having a large female audience. Because I’m the one answering this question I can’t say I personally have anything to do with the ladies finding our music sexy but… maybe, I’ll leave it to the ladies to answer :)

6. How many projects (tracks, remixes etc.) are you working on right now?
At the moment we’ve just finnished a rmx for DJ Wild and Storm Queen. We’re also working on a rmx for a Robert Owens song on Southern Fried as well as working with Jamie Jones and Lee Foss for their Hot Creations album and working on another Art Department album and lastly working on new music, under my alias K.G. ThE TaLeNt, for my label launching in April.

7. Who’s the person behind the No. 19 Music’s covers? What’s the story behind the art covers?
Ha ha, that’s a good question. There is a big misconception that i have something to do with the label no.19 label. The label is owned and operated by Johnny White and Nittin Kalyan, I just happen to be a very good friend of both as well as an artist on their label. So, to answer your question on who designs the covers for no.19… beats me. LOL!

8. Your favorite track from The Drawing Board
My personal favorite tracks from our album would probably be Tell Me Why and I C U, both are very dear and close to my heart.

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