Baby Ford latest release on UGold

Baby Ford released four full-length albums to date, including the debut ‘Fordtrax’ (a staple of most techno DJs) and 1997’s ‘Headphone Easyrider’, one of his more listener-friendly albums. His recent work has appeared mostly through Trelik and Ifach - two of the U.K.’s most highly regarded techno labels, and both of which Ford has a hand in managing (Trelik together with Eon’s Ian Loveday, Ifach with Mark Broom).

The british dj/producer is preparing to launch his first release of 2013 on UGold, the release will feature three tracks: SNAKES AND LADDERS with two versions (described as: hypnotising extra-dry-style with a little floating reprise. Getting better and better every time listening to it..again and again…. those vocals..this hook.. and lots of space between.) and CURFEW (spheric soundtrack for your own, personal… enlightenment.). The record will be available soon, until the check the snippets below.

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