Baby Ford – Tin Of Words EP [AUTO 05]

This one is a supernatural, out of this world collection of collapsing energy waves. Listeners may experience the sudden burst of unsettling vibrations, finely conducting streams of drums under a pattern that dates from the first days of minimal techno. This one is Baby Ford’s repress EP that goes by the name of Tin of Worms.

On release from the 9th of September 2013, Tin of Worms is a limited yellow vinyl that comes from Autoreply label. Two tracks stand for the power of undulating synths and the lasting originality of Baby Ford. Put together the acoustic image of a piano, of a jazz night and of the electronic space and you end up with the latest in sound engineering.

Baby Ford deploys his vinyl wings after years and years of powering the acid house scene in the UK and across the world.

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