Baby Ford – Ugold 002

Sense enriching soundtracks from Baby Ford have just been released officially on April 15th. DDistribution carries on with Ugold Series II. Side ‘a’ is ‘SNAKES AND LADDERS’. Music imagery turns this vinyl only distribution into a remembrance of shadowy psychotics. The spearhead of techno and minimal, Baby Ford tackles tech-house vibrations with incredible rhythmical and in the same time chaotic beats and stops, interleaving unexpected but divine voices upon reprises of vinyl-turning clarity. Pitch modulations and coherent tribal influences promise to embark your mind into a fantastic, hypnotic and stylish journey to remember.

Believe it or not, but CURFEW awaits on side b to further amaze and convince you once more to replay it once again, and again… Infinite sensations will come from the turn table while spinning for who knows how many times SNAKES AND LADDERS & CURFEW. Available since the 15th of April, Ugold Series II unravels unseen beauty for you to listen.

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