Back to the Raw by Off Recordings

To celebrate 2.5 years and 25 releases, OFF RECORDINGS presents ‘BACK TO THE RAW’. This is a triple vinyl, double CD, and digital Compilation featuring all brand new tracks from established OFF acts like Crom & Dawson,  EINZELKIND, NIMA GORJI, Chris Carrier, DJ W!LD, Huxley, Thyladomid and LUCA DOOBIE, along with new label acts DAVID AUGUST, TUCCILLO, VAROSLAV & WERNER NIEDERMEIER, ROBYTEK, ALEJANDRO MOSSO and POSH. While most Berlin-based labels stand for a more minimal/techno sound, OFF has consistently stood for house in its purest form while merging elements of other musical genres like jazz, funk, soul, blues, disco  and techno, creating a unique mix which is beautifully displayed throughout this Compilation. On the double-disc mix CD portion of the Compilation, Andre Crom presents all the new compilation tracks on his disc one mix, and on disc two Chris Carrier mixes older gems from the OFF back catalog.

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