Barac at Off the Record (Sofia – Bulgaria) 27 December 2013

Getting more and more known for his real name, Barac, half of the NoiDoi crew decided in 2012 to extend his solo works. Dedicated to good vibe and harmony, this artist warms up our souls and brings a smile on.

Born with a soft spot for music, he managed to gather years of musical experience, which can be felt and tasted in his productions just like a fresh opened bottle of an old wine.

The last couple of years were very busy for the young artist, Barac being present in many cities across Europe: London, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Ibiza and not to forget his magnificient performances at Sunwaves (Romania).

From a production point of view Barac has released his first solo EP (Voyetra) for romanian label Naural, also made his appearance on Rhadoo‘s fabric 72 compilation with his track “Frou Frou“.

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