Binh to release “Downtown” EP on Cabaret label

The German artist Binh will soon release his latest 12” vinyl EP on the of Tokyo based record label Cabaret. The Downtown EP is a bunch of intense and innovative beats that have a powerful impact.

Part of the modern underground current, Binh surely continues to climb the stairs of success with his memorable performances in clubs like Panorama or Rex and with his appearances at the famous Next Wave parties from Ibiza.

On Side A Downtown is the beginning of an amazing journey in the world of perfect sounds. The two tracks Dubix and Bud Light from Side B are the proof that a variety of deep house and techno sounds can give you wings to fly.

Binh’s incendiary mixes and releases catch your attention right from the start and his hard work is really appreciated, so Binh promises to offer more and more with every future release.

Stay tuned for more details!

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