BirdsMakingMachine, Nightclubber Podcast 141

BirdsMakingMachine is a collective of wandering artists interested in music, design and off course, birds.

Back in the second year of the no time era, in an old distant continent, after long and dangerous journeys on their own, four wandering artists met in a deserted pub in the dullest walled city ever imagined. They spent one thousand and one nights drinking and talking and they heard no sound. The city was in complete silence, except for the distant noise of the factories where all the people in town gathered and spent their days and nights.

The idea of a life between walls, surrounded by machine noise was a burden for them.

They agreed it was not a coincidence their meeting there. They felt deep inside the desire to stay. They knew they were up to a big revolution. Freedom was about to come. It was time to break the silence.

After some deliberation, they came up with an idea.

Each of them had a special talent, some sacred tools they used to develop a never before seen machine. They spend a long second immersed in the process until they finally built a machine capable of making birds…

The joy of the gypsies, the wonder of the forest, the craziness of the south and the nonsense of the world were now making sense and sounds.

The BirdsMakingMachine started to free musical birds that spread the language of the soul in the winds. The birds flew away in the distance and their singing never stopped.

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