BirdsMakingMachine to release on Half Baked

BirdsMakingMachine will soon release on the Half Baked Records label a new 12” EP that mingles love, joy, dreams and hopes and that will turn your nights into days.

BirdsMakingMachine brings together four visionary artists for whom silence is an unknown word. These four exceptional DJs start to make major moves on the underground scene with their improved minimal and techno beats. As the name suggests, BirdsMakingMachine spreads freely all of its talent and passion for sounds like the boundless flight of the birds.

The tracklist includes on Side 1 King Pulga and Gnip Gnop and on Side 2 Gnip Gnop remixed by the veteran of techno Fumiya Tanaka. Delighting us with his innovative marathon sets for more than 15 years, Fumiya Tanaka created a global madness by revealing the beauty lying in minimal grooves and intense funky beats.

Fresh like a spring morning, Half Baked Records is the part of the HBF Agency which goes in for deep house music. This recently created label will release only vinyl discs, and that’s quite an inspiring way of showing their respect for the underground music.

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