Bruno Pronsato, Live At Watergate July 24th 2010

With 17 EPs and two albums under his belt since 2003 as Bruno Pronsato, Seattle’s Steven Ford has steadily built a reputation for being amongst the few North Americans to break through the tightly knit Euro-centric circle of minimal techno. Be that as it may, Pronsato’s star has risen above many of his contemporaries with his latest outing, The Make Up The Break Up, which many are calling one of the finest long-form minimal outings of the year. In girth, complexity and arrangement, The Make Up The Break Up picks up right where Ricardo Villalobos’s “Minimoonstar” left off last year. Clocking in at a gargantuan 39 minutes, this single track breaks down into seven suites and like Villalobos’s recent work, as well as that of Moritz Von Oswald and Vladislav Delay, borrows its percussive influences from the offbeat syncopations of jazz drumming, making for a rhythmic bed that jitters and writhes underneath the main centrepiece, an extensive sample from Nico’s “It Was a Pleasure Then.” Pronsato has started his label just to put this out, and this album-length work has highlighted the fact he’s ready to do things on his terms.

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