Butch exclusive interview for Nightclubber.ro

1.         How long have you been  producing music?

I started DJing around the age of 13 and during that time I also developed a strong interest in electronic music but back then the studio equipment was really expensive. I did my first experimental productions something like 7 or 8 years ago when the technology was available and affordable but it took me until 2005/2006 when they were good enough to be interesting for labels to release.

2.        What are the the best dj’s and  producers in 2010?

Hmm…there are many but right now i´m really into the stuff Santos, Amir and Reboot are doing. These guys have their own style which makes their music something special and their tracks usually fit perfect into my sets.

3.        Can you name the favorite track of 2010 ?

My favorite Track 2010 is definitely Amir´s “Guernica” on Trapez Limited. Since he´s my studiopartner I can see how much passion and effort he puts into his complex productions. He´s a bit underrated yet but it´s only a matter of time until people will notice.

4.        How would you describe your latest release  ?

My second album EYES WIDE OPEN is out on my own imprint bouq. I wanted the artistic freedom to do what i want to do and only bouq. could really guarantee me that independance. There are collaborations with Julie Marghilano (violinist) and Virgina Nascimento (vocalist) with whom i already did some releases before. The developement and producing of the tracks took 9 months and i´m really happy with the result. The album has a lot of different emotions and the title itself has a clear message. But I don´t want to tell too much about it…you just have to let the music speak for itself.

5.        What about the following plans, project and ideas?

Lately i´ve been in the studio with Robert Dietz (from Cadenza) for a nice collaboration, i produced some fresh new stuff that will be out in 2011 and i´ve been doing a remix for Johannes Heil that´s out on Cocoon Recordings now.

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