Bvoice, Nightclubber Sideways 07

Bvoice recently recorded an outstanding ambient/post rock set, exclusively for Nightclubber Sideways. Thanks to his sounds that vary from contemporary deep-house to basement dub-techno, Bvoice is one of the most respected DJs in Russia.

Inspired by his favorite artists – Can, Harold Bud, Brian Eno, Joy Division and Einstürzende Neubauten, Vasily Bvoice (Russia) started his career in electronic music in 1996.
Due to the fact that he is the founder of the Midiots project (Dumb Unit, Treibstoff Rec) and the co-founder of Bvoice & Khz (Time Has Changed, Dumb Unit, Airdrop etc.) his success was guaranteed. His vinyls are fully appreciated by his fans.

Nowadays he is the resident DJ of some of the best clubs in Moscow, such as Arma17, Shanti and Propaganda, but also RTS ( or Kazantip.

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