Cab Drivers, Droped Eye EP – CAB34


A delightful announcement has been made recently by Cab Drivers, a duo you have heard about for certain. Their new EP is in presale and it will soon be available on vinyl. Labeled by Cabinet Records/ Cab34, ‘Droped Eye’ is the latest piece of music awesomeness, one of the many releases of this new millennium. And we say ‘millennium’ because Cab Drivers have been around since the 90’s, building their reputation with albums like ‘Untitled’, ‘Lovedance’, ‘U R Here & Five’, alongside Cabinet Records, which was established in 1998.

Jens Augustowsky and Daniel Paul Hoffmann joined forces in the mid 90’s to create ‘Cab Drivers’, a name that brings to mind the tradition of electronic music, the tradition in innovation, as some may say, as it contributed directly to the development of minimalistic techno, influenced by funk and other genres.
We are thus honored to speak to you about their new vinyl, which contains ‘Droped Eye’, ‘beatnight 77’ and ‘erstwurf zweiter’, the tracks you will dance on this summer.

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