CAP, Nightclubber Podcast 96

Freshly back after a short summer holiday, we are now eager for some good music and thus present to you the guest of this new Nightclubber episode: CAP.

Here you have a brief interview with him and about him as a DJ and a music lover:

1. What came first: the passion for music or the passion for electronic music?
The passion for music knows no beginning, but the year 2006 brings to memory my first encounter with electronic music, which categorically had the strongest addiction on me.

2. Knowing that you are always around the best Romanian DJs (the thing is that they really have something to say in the underground club music) both at parties and festivals, what was their influence on you?
Romanian DJs have had a big influence on me and I always tried to learn something from them, be it at a party and listening to them or being honored to play alongside them. Even so, I have tried to create my own personal style.

3. All we know about you is that you play music, but we can’t seem to find any info on the internet about you.
Until recently I haven’t been that well promoted on the internet, as I have preferred to let the music i play live speak instead of me.

4. But we know for sure that you love a good vinyl! Tell us about it.
My passion for collecting records started 2 -3 years ago an since then i invested alot of work and energy into it.

5. What can you tell us about the future? We have noticed that you have invitations from abroad, and even from Ibiza.
Yes, talking about Ibiza. I have also been there the last year… Zoo and Underground as usual. This year I will be mixing at Zoo twice – once alone and the second time a b2b with Barac. The Underground waits also a night with me and Barac.

6. Coming to releases now. Is CAP preparing something for us? Or still experimenting?
I haven’t started producing seriously until this point. I know it is important but I was more concentrated on the DJ’ing part . And here I am talking about looking for music and getting to know my tracks, in order to practice my flow and create a unique style. I will certainly be more focused on producing in the future to come but I didn’t want to rush things and let them come natural and also have a certain level of music knowledge first.

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