Cassy mixes Fabric 71 CD

Simply ‘playing records for the love of playing records’ is the short yet exclusively expressed description Cassy states for Fabric 71. Imagine techno routes as atoms of carbon squeezed together under the immense pressure of her creativity in a unique crystal of intertwined energies of synths merged into the playfulness of chimes and put against shining beams of vocal waves. 17 tracks await your appreciation under the name of fabric 71.

Cassy’s creativeness goes unchallenged for some years now, after polishing her talent in Vienna and holding residencies at venues of outstanding quality and prestige. And by that we mean Panoramabar, Rex Club or New York’s Output.

From layering different cuts of Basic Soul Unit to reimagining Marko Zenker’s ‘Landwehr’ and passionately amplifying the spirit within ‘Brain of Glass’, Cassy’s new release is a journey into the roots of experiencing playing records.


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