Hamid , Volkan Akin & Denis Kaznacheev aka H+Va+Dk at Club der Visionaere 2016

Here is a recording from the improvised live act signed by Hamid , Volkan Akin & Denis Kaznacheev which took place at the last H+ event at Club der Visionaere this past summer. The act is called : H+Va+Dk , … Continued


Anrilov At Meduza Rhizostoma Pulmo Gets High 14 May 2016

Artemiy Anrilov was born in 1977 in the north Russia – Murmansk. He started to play house / acid house since 1996, during 2-3 years through different styles and then Artem’s sounds  changed to techno / minimal which became his main nowadays. After moving … Continued


Raha At Liquidroom (Tokyo) On 13 February 2016

In recent years, Raha has established a stellar reputation in the global scene and in 2012 he was selected as the first Asian monthly resident on “PCB RADIO” (Ibiza/France), a program that gathers top artists from all over the world.He … Continued


Cristi Cons to release “Basorelief” EP on Meander label soon

Cristi Cons’s latest vinyl will be released on 15 April on the Meander label, so you’d better prepare yourselves for an explosive set of three tracks. The Meander label usually selects talented minimalistic and techno artists and their unique sound … Continued

Climat 002

Pheek- Primavera Edits [Climat 002]

Jean – Patrice Remillard, going by the name of Pheek, captivates our minds and souls with beats of unconventional beauty. A dose of unconformity in sound acts as an incentive on the mind. So why not bring imagination to life … Continued


ABSENT with Cabanne, Kozo, Piticu, Ja.sha – 26 April 2013

Sensation became sound and sound will become sensation at ‘Absent’, in a city of fascination. Starting Friday, the 26th of April, at 11PM, ending the second day with the rise of the sun, ‘Absent’ from Paris, France hosts yet another … Continued

Ugold 002

Baby Ford – Ugold 002

Sense enriching soundtracks from Baby Ford have just been released officially on April 15th. DDistribution carries on with Ugold Series II. Side ‘a’ is ‘SNAKES AND LADDERS’. Music imagery turns this vinyl only distribution into a remembrance of shadowy psychotics. … Continued


Laylla Dane, Dan Andrei and Paul Agripa at Guest House – 19 April 2013

Guest House Bucharest is ready for a new party on April 19th. Laylla Dane, Dan Andrei and Paul Agripa will be there to refresh your feelings and exhaust your body on the dance floor.  Starting at 11 o’clock in the … Continued

Balances EP

Audio Werner – Balances EP

Audio Werner (Germany), on his real name Andreas Werner brought a major contribution to underground electronic music both as a producer and a DJ. Werner got his audience used to listen to quality music distinguished from other tracks from the … Continued


Out now: fabric 67 mixed by Zip

Thomas Franzmann aka Zip aka Dimbiman – a name you won’t hear everyday. Zip is one of co-founders of famous Perlon label  and his appearances are very exclusive as his sets. He is a regular guest DJ in clubs around the world and holds residencies at Robert Johnson (Offenbach) and the Panorama … Continued

Next Wave presents Livio & Roby, Alexandra, Piticu b2b Xandru at Privilege 12th September

Next Wave presents Livio & Roby, Alexandra, Piticu b2b Xandru at Privilege 12th September

If you would visit the Next Wave facebook page you will stumble on a simple description “no philosophy just music!”, but a definition that incapsulates the main ingredient for a great party: quality electronic music. This Wednesday, 12th August 2012, another wave … Continued

Toi.Toi.Musik with Ion Ludwig

Toi.Toi.Musik presents Ion Ludwig & Dewalta on 7th September

You may believe it or not, but there are events that aren’t trying to focus on adding big dj names to the line-up and on selling as much tickets as possible. And yes, there are party organizers that care more … Continued

next wave 18 july 2012

Next Wave with Praslesh and Alexandra 18 July 2012

  Wednesday in Ibiza at La Sal Rossa beach bar at Hotel Bahamas Praslesh (Praslea b2b Raresh) and Alexandra are invited by the Next Wave crew to Playa D´en Bossa, so dress for dancing on the beach! Next Wave Read more […]

Phrasis Veteris - BROUQADE020

Phrasis Veteris – 25 August EP Review

Summer is here, and in case you haven’t noticed, our friends Phrasis Veteris will certainly put you in the right mood with their latest release on Dana Ruh’s label Brouqade. Starting up, we have title track “25 August” on the … Continued


Inner, Zona Partyspace 20.04.2012

  Inner’s sets were always enjoyed by us, we always felt he understands where to take you and we invited Inner to feature a Nightclubber Podcast episode just a while ago. His latest studio material Equalia EP is still forthcoming with the release … Continued


DJ Sneak, CircoLoco After Party, Morgan Warehouse NYC 12.05.2012

After years of development, DJ Sneak is a familiar name across the world’s club circuit playing the very best venues and events. A frequent visitor to Ibiza – the island of spiritual parties and Mecca of dance music culture, Sneak has participated in several events … Continued

Dyed and Maayan

Dyed Soundorom, Maayan Nidam, Xandru at Rex Club 04.02.2012

Dyed Soundorom’s residency at Rex Club Paris creates special evenings with the most important figures of house and minimal current. On the 4th of February Xandru and Miss Fitz aka Maayan Nidam were invited to play. Maayan, never ceases to boggle its releases, just … Continued