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Einzig at Guesthouse 24 Feb 2018

Always looking for the unusual, the experimental or the innovative in either the music he makes or selects to play, Einzig is for sure something you haven’t tried before. With his passion for electronic music dating back in 2000, he … Continued


Cap at Mioritmic Festival – October 2016

This is 121 minute outtake from Cap’s latest presence at Mioritmic Festival in Cluj Napoca – Romania. Over the past years, Cap‘s versatility and music selection took him on some of the most important electronic music stages. Read more […]


Paul K & Incolor – Alandala By The Lake Aug 2016


Nu Zau at Sunwaves 20 – 19 August 2016

Here is a 2h:02 minute cut from his first Sunwaves performance, a liveset filled with sounds that we are sure will bring some smiles on your faces. Read more […]


Vincentiulian @ Waha Festival 23.07.2016

Craving for the ultimate expression of utter excitement in electronic music, VincentIulian searches the depths of music and the limits of classic wavy touches to create the sounds only one who has a passion for electronic music can. This is … Continued


RAHA At MEDUZA Gets HIGH Five Gazgolder, Moscow 14 May 2016

In recent years, Raha has established a stellar reputation in the global scene and in 2012 he was selected as the first Asian monthly resident on “PCB RADIO” (Ibiza/France), a program that gathers top artists from all over the world.He … Continued


Alsi – Amphia Release Party At Eden Club 13 May 2016

ALSI, or Alex and Silviu, makes for a good example where a lifelong friendship turns into flourishing artistic partnership. They’ve gone through almost all stages of electronic music in Romania together, they’ve been playing back 2 back for almost 10 … Continued


Nu Zau B2b Sepp, UVAR Showcase At The Panther Room (NYC) 06.05.2016

In May this year, Nu Zau and Sepp were invited at the Output venue in NYC for a special UVAR showcase. Here is a 127 minute cut from their b2b performance, a liveset filled with gems that we are sure … Continued


Varhat at Fuse, Brussels – Lessizmore Night – 19.03.16

Varhat, is one of the co-founders of AKU, a french romanian record label. This music lover spends most of his time either in the studio producing tracks or digging records. Supported by different artists, he has a big amount of … Continued

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Nu Zau b2b Sepp at Echoes_ invites UVAR (Fuse – Brussels) on 06 February 2016

Echoes _ is a Brussels based electronic music concept which takes places several times a year. Focussing on the diversity of the genre as influences come and go through time. Echoing in our minds whilst reflecting through the music. Back … Continued


Kolford At Mendeleev 21 February 2016

Nikolai Kolford has managed to feel rather quickly very different time periods of the party. Moreover he realized what it is called sonorously in professional Dj environment, but fairly – “psychology of dancefloor”. At first he appreciated magic vibes of … Continued


Zefzeed At No. 3 Timisoara 12 February 2016

Invited at No. 3 event alongside Ion Ludwig, on February the 12th in Timisoara, our resident and friend Zefzeed provided an extended selection of beats, kicks and mental grooves. This is an hour and a half cut from his performance that we are … Continued


Ricardo Villalobos At Time Warp Usa – 20 November 2015

Ricardo Villalobos is one of modern electronic music’s most important and intriguing figures. He’s a DJ as renowned for his ability to move a dance floor as he is in confounding it, so let’s listen his Time Warp USA performance and … Continued


Andrey Zots At Arma17 DATA 12 December 2015

Andrey grew up in the outskirts of Sergiev Posad, an old Russian city. In the mid-1990s, he discovered the world of electronic music. He strongly took to modular synthesis, algorithmic and ambient music and sound design, while also experimenting with … Continued

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CultKitchen at RODNYA New Year Celebration

The CultKitchen project was founded at the end of 2011. CultKitchen, whose musical tastes from industrial techno to beach house mix more and more often, are trying to show what it all may come. This is a part of their … Continued


Cap at Sunwaves 18

Our 3rd received exclusive recording, from the latest edition of Sunwaves 18, comes from the talented Cap. His selection of tracks really got us moving this cold night, as we are sure it will come as well to our keen … Continued


Ruval At Gazette On 30 October 2015

Invited at Gazette on 30 October 2015, alongside Pavlov and Seme, Ruval provided a great selection of tracks that he was kind enough to share with us and also with our devoted listeners. Here is a 78 minute cut from … Continued


Barac At Sunwaves 18

Barac is clearly one of the most prolific producers on the Romanian scene today. It first started with NoiDoi, the formula that brought Barac and Dubtil together some time ago, now it continues with an EP already launched on Naural, Metereze, OdD … Continued


Xandru, Undefined Nights 22 August 2015

First playing hip-hop, RnB and soul, Xandru quickly made an impact on the Bucarest club scene, fast becoming famous for the parties he organised and the quality of the music that exuded from them. Evolving as an artist, he gave … Continued


Lucas At SOULed OUT (Timisoara) On 16 October 2015

Our resident Lucas was invited on 16 October for a warmup session for SOULed OUT in Timisoara, where he played alongside CAP and Angel. Here is a 78 minute cut from his liveset. Read more […]


Charlie at Alandala by the lake (Cluj Napoca) 28 August 2015

Invited at the 4th edition of Alandala by the lake, on 28 August 2015, alongside Priku, Mihigh and Paul K; Charlie delivered a remarkable set of layered basslines and kicks. Here is a 86 minute cut from a liveset that we think … Continued


Die Holländer (Makcim, Sander Baan, just Pete) at Club der Visionaere (Berlin) on 17 July 2015

Die Holländer is a DJ collective consisting of Makcim, Sander Baan & Just Pete. They have a residency in Club der Visionaere and Hoppetosse for about 10 years and they are part of tINI & the Gang. They are known for … Continued


Crihan at Sunwaves 18

Hailing from a small town close to Cluj, Alin Crihan moved to Bucharest in 2009 to be more in touch with the underground scene and music in the capital as it poses more opportunities for him to grow and develop. … Continued

nu zau web

Nu Zau at Club Avi – 31.05.2015

Dark, percussive, funky and quirky would be the best way to describe his sound, already having released on labels such as Fear Of Flying in 2012 with his debut vinyl release “Pason/Deja Vu” and his debut album on Archipel, released … Continued


Clovis at UR ART Festival June 2015

Clovis originally from Los Angeles (USA), is part of the Culprit and Lessizmore. A gentle soul and urban sophisticate, Clovis can be found wherever dance music isn’t just bass drops and breakdowns, but an art form deeply reflective of our modern … Continued