Dudley Strangeways, 5 Favorite Leftback Releases

Founded in 2014 by Dudley Strangeways and Michael McLardy, Leftback Records has since morphed into one of the UK’s most consistent and forward-thinking record labels. Now helmed solely by Dudley Strangeways (aka Nottingham-based producer Mark Pearson), the label has gone … Continued


New label Kommuna Tapes, from Spain Barcelona – KT001 – Alternating Systems EP

Kommuna Tapes is a limited vinyl and tape label based in Barcelona, curated with love and care by CMYK and Rubi.   “Track by track, we build our own Kommuna of artists who share our commitment to the vinyl medium and … Continued



First release from the newborn label RAPORT. 3 tracks in a nice 12″ vinyl ·Herck ·Jamie Lie A Kwie ·Silat Beksi & Libe Buy it online: www.deejay.de/RPT001_-_Various_A…y_-_12inch__242502 Release date: 14 October 2016 Read more […]

WSS002.1 - BACK

Lizz, Mierea Dor. Rojid, Sublee – VA Part 1 & Part 2 – [WSS002]

Four edges of a circle are defined by four different but closely intertwined pieces authored by four very special artists. Why So Series 02 provides a broken and diverse dimension through a selection of tracks that range from the glitchy … Continued


Julian released Metamorfoze EP – Part1

Subtil Records is planning to release a 2 part EP titled “Metamorfoze”  with the romanian artist Julian. The first part is available at all major record store shops in Pre-Sale and the second Ep is scheduled for the end of the … Continued

vinyl cover_6-04

Sepp, Timpuriu LP – [UVAR006]

Romanian label UVAR is preparing to release their 6th release this spring and will feature a double vinyl EP featuring the label co-founder Sepp. Titled „Timpuriu” the EP will contain six track on a 180 gram format, each telling a … Continued


Hostom 003 is now forthcoming

Third release of french label Hostom is now forthcoming in all major shops. The release date is 01/03/16. For now we’re just teasing you with the snippets, but we’re preparing a review as well for this 003. Read more […]


Howl Ensemble – HOWL003

If you loved numero due, you’re not going to be disappointed when you experience HOWL Tre. The 3rd release shifts gears from the past two and focuses more on stabby lines and clear intent and is best experienced, you guessed it, … Continued


Sedee – Ian – Malonian001

Ian is the name of the first release of the German label Malonian. The Malonian Crew are all followers of the romanian music scene since many years. The original track Ian was produced by SEDEE aka Sebastian Werle and David … Continued

VBX 001 front

Ferro to launch “Time Will Tell” EP on VBX

After 3 years of hosting and co-hosting several successful events the guys at VBX decided to expand their musical horizon in the form of a vinyl only label. None other then VBX mainstay Ferro is responsible for the kickoff EP. … Continued


HOSTOM002 to be released January 2016

French record label HOSTOM is preparing to release it’s second showcase of enigmatic but very carefully crafted tracks. The second release is set to be released around 15 January 2016, a perfect combo of drum beats and groove that will keep … Continued


Sepp to release “Trubadurul” EP on Catren soon

Born and raised in Constanta, home of the legendary La Mania club, Sepp was influenced by electronic music’s finest sound from an early age. Step by step he rose from the ranks not only to become his city’s most beloved … Continued


SIT, Sideways LP [AMP009]

Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia are household names that really need no further introduction. Their dj sets are techno stories well told and their live act is already making waves worldwide. Amphia is first and foremost the platform they use … Continued


Arapu to release “Pitfall” EP soon

Arapu has maintained a steady flow of releases over the past few years and he’s one of the usual suspects in the underground scene. His elegant mixture of housy elements on a techno backbone gained him early support from his … Continued


Sahau, Montreal EP

Zimbru is just one of the new additions to Ourown label roster. Focused on a more housy approach this outlet is looking for sounds that cross the boundaries between techno and house, collaborations between artist friends and nonetheless eternal dance … Continued


Barac – Moment Of Clarity EP

Keeping the momentum going seems fairly easy for Barac as he unveils the long awaited second ep on his Moment imprint. Last years have seen Barac evolve in a very lucrative way, yet only his best productions seem to be … Continued


Colorhadoo, Zanzibar including Cristi Cons Remix – [AMP008]

Colorhadoo makes his Amphia debut with two enticing tracks while Cristi Cons delivers the house’s remix. On the A side we are presented with “J Strawbberry”, an atmospheric track which slowly slips away into a mind-bending realm, where broken voices … Continued

UND005 2

Dubtil’s debut on Understand label – Ebandogue EP

Releasing not very often, Understand has always kept things in the dark about what is going to happen next. The wait is over and the fifth instalment of the series is named Ebandogue and features 3 tracks from Dubtil, one … Continued


Konrad Black “The Scorched Earth” EP on Meander

Meander presents The Scorched Earth EP by Konrad Black, a selection of advanced 101 techno infused break-beat science. With his sparse, yet highly considered discography, Mr. Blacks first output for Meander draws key inspiration from recent earth-bound meteorites and the blinding light that follows. … Continued


Lisiére Collectif to release “Rue Cameliei” Ep soon

After a very promising first release on Mike Grant’s Moods & Grooves, Phonogramme is proud to welcome Romanian trio: Lisière Collectif.Lisière Collectif represents the collaboration between the three members: Andu Simion, Dan Gheorghe and Bogdan Ardeleanu.The ‘ Lisière ‘ was … Continued


Micawber – Fasma Yenbashu – SYLPHE08

“After an 8 month long break, Sylphe is back, this time changing things for the first time with a solo EP by the B side dweller, Micawber. He is delivering two solid, thumping techno cuts in the well-known mystifying Sylphe … Continued

vinyl cover_5-01

Andrey Zots – “The Mascarade” EP (UVAR 005)

Uvar release number five brings together two very special people and our first 3 track EP. Andrey Zots signs up with two trademark tracks – “the mascarade” and “wax&gentleman”, both equaly dramatic and intriguing. Joining him with a remix, Cezar … Continued

mtf004 FRONT

Super Moon (Priku & Arapu) – I/0 EP (Motif Records) to be released soon

Unlike the other three releases on Motif (two eps and one album) Adrian Niculae chooses to break the solo cycle and release a forth ep with some juicy fruits of his collaboration with Bucharest based Arapu. The disc contains three … Continued


Zefzeed, Sweet Potato EP released at Cardinal Records

Cardinal records had the debut release Whispered EP in 2014 but now it is time to present on their imprint the sixt release featured by our own friend and resident Zefzeed. Sweet Potato EP is limited to 500 copies and … Continued


“The Untold Stories. Chapter III & Chapter IV” featuring Vlad Caia, Zefzeed, Verrina and more to be released in June

The Untold Stories returns with another double vinyl collection, this time divided into two chapters: Chapter III and Chapter IV. All begins with an extended work by Denis Kaznacheev. Then tracks by Vlad Caia and Kaitaro complete the first record. … Continued