Amir Javasoul, Nightclubber Podcast 145

Montreal-based Amir Javasoul is somewhat of a DJ’s DJ. Having grown up in Iran, he moved to Canada at the age of 10 where he learned the ropes of DJing after a Derrick Carter set in the mid-nineties sparked a … Continued

Reiss, Nightclubber Podcast 144

Reiss, Nightclubber Podcast 144

Reiss has been a pivotal figure of the Amsterdam house and techno underground for quite some time. His sound can be described as a delicate flow of rhythm’s and soundscapes spiced up with occasional and surprising idiosyncrasies. Reiss is also … Continued


Jack Wickham, Nightclubber Podcast 142

Nightclubber #142 is featured by the northern powerhouse of UK electronic music, Leeds, Jack Wickham. Carving out his own unique style and understated cool behind the decks, with gigs at Watergate Berlin and Fabric London at only 19 years of … Continued


BirdsMakingMachine, Nightclubber Podcast 141

BirdsMakingMachine is a collective of wandering artists interested in music, design and off course, birds. Back in the second year of the no time era, in an old distant continent, after long and dangerous journeys on their own, four wandering … Continued

NGHT #140

Konrad Black, Nightclubber Podcast 140

The manifestation of music is sound, but the effect can be visual; as is the case with prose in a well-written book. In that spirit, the selection in this mix tells the story of Konrad Black’s musical progression by way … Continued


Jay Bliss, Nightclubber Podcast 139

For the 139th episode of the Nightclubber Podcast series, we invited Jay Bliss to put together a mix for us. Iulian has been a lifetime music lover, fully dedicated to everything that builds up his sonic universe. With a DJ … Continued

RUBI, Nght Podcast 138

RUBI, Nightclubber Podcast 138

Rubi has been frequenting the electronic music scene for almost a decade and has soaked up musical influences from different places all over the world. Leaving the path of mainstream in the underground, her sets are characterized by crossing different … Continued

137_kristina copy

Kristina, Nightclubber Podcast 137

Kristina took a part in numerous events in Ukraine including big festivals such as Kazantip, Global Gathering, Ostrov. Her sets have no particular style, a blend of highest quality house, minimal and techno sound. After a long period as a … Continued

136_amiss i copy

Miss I, Nightclubber Podcast 136

Miss I’s passion for music started off in her childhood when she started playing her dad’s records and taking piano lessons. She has hosted for several years now the Smoothy Grooves show on Groove On radio, broadcasting some very smoothy sets … Continued


Amir Javasoul, Nightclubber Podcast 135

A native of Tehran and Montreal, Amir Javasoul began DJing after being inspired by the style and productions of Chicago house legend Derrick Carter. Following his beginnings in the Montreal rave scene, he soon began playing parties and refining his … Continued

134_masda copy

Dj Masda, Nightclubber Podcast 134

Dj Masda is a veteran Japanese DJ who pushes the sort of classy house and techno you’d associate with someone like Daniel Bell or Zip. He’s been playing out since the mid-’90s and, as he’s never released any records, is … Continued

133_TC80 copy (1)

TC80, Nightclubber Podcast 133

This podcast was done in November 2015, one month after TC80 has moved to Berlin. His approach was to find a way to propose a selection which can remind someone of the early 90’s video games soundtracks like Axelay, R-Type, Gradius, etc. … Continued

132_jan golly

Jan Golly, Nightclubber Podcast 132

In 2010, Jan Golly was initially devoted to Drum ‘n’ Bass but he became noticeably more drawn to House and Techno. What remained and even became more intense was the enjoyment of playing records. By mid-year, the native of Heidelberg, Germany … Continued


Kolford, Nightclubber Podcast 131

Experts and connoisseurs of active leisure time know that party has its own rules and every step of night progresses by its rules. Famous and responsible Djs are aware of it for sure, because during the years of their practice … Continued

130_vlada copy

Vlada, Nightclubber Podcast 130

Hailing from Moscow, Vlada grew up in a music family playing piano since she was 5 years old. However piano just wasn’t enough, she asked her dad to buy records for good marks at school and by the end of … Continued

129_yate copy

Yate, Nightclubber Podcast 129

YATE aka Yaroslove & Technique is an Ukrainian duo with a constantly evolving production and recognizable signature sound. By now they have a growing discography within various labels: All Inn, Body Parts, Baile Musik, Cooltool, Pro-Tez,Project London Records, Propaganda to name a … Continued

nuzau copy

Nu Zau, Nightclubber Podcast 128

We are pretty sure that our 128th guest on Nightclubber Podcast is no stranger to our listeners, but he agreed to have a little chat with us and answer some questions. Hit play while your at it and enjoy a … Continued


RADIQ, Nightclubber Podcast 127

Born in Osaka 22nd January 1968, Yoshihiro HANNO aka RADIQ is an internationally renowned musician/composer whose field of work has been expanding from movie soundtracks to orchestral pieces, as well as electronics music. In 1997 he was highly acclaimed for his electronic … Continued


Cosmjn, Nightclubber Podcast 126

For our 126th podcast episode we have invited the talented Cosmjn, artist that was kind enough to answer some questions for us. Check out this short interview as you hit the play button below.   1. Can you please tell … Continued

Vendi Nightclubber Podcast 125

VENDi, Nightclubber Podcast 125

Raised in a musical environment, VENDi is self-taught musician since childhood. He cultivated his passion for piano and guitar when he formed his rock band in his early teens. He has started to experience djing and production after having his … Continued


Junki Inoue, Nightclubber Podcast 124

Currently a member of  the Toi Toi Musik family, Junki Inoue has been collecting and playing records since the age of 16, while in Tokyo he organised his resident party Heike at no less than Womb nightclub. He is also an … Continued


Melodie, Nightclubber Podcast 123

From being a resident dj at Spider Club in Bucharest to releasing his debut ep on Metereze, Melodie’s journey was not precisely a smooth ride but certainly an emotional one. Influenced by names like Huckaby, Fluxion, Claro Intelecto, Rod Modell, Stephen … Continued


Felipe Valenzuela, Nightclubber Podcast 122

Felipe Valenzuela is an eclectic pioneer who has exporting his unique brand of melodious and elegant techno from his motherland Chile to Europe and beyond, since his distinctive style has brought him global acclaim. The last year has seen Felipe bloom in the studio, … Continued


Oshana, Nightclubber Podcast 121

In an era where ‘original’ music is few and far between, few artists have been able to capture a truly indigenous sound. Luckily, for this US-born Producer and DJ, a relentless pursuit of instinctive rhythm has allowed her to produce … Continued


OdD, Nightclubber Podcast 120

Damian and Danny are no strangers to music, born into the life from musician fathers they grew up on the sounds of Reggae in their youth. This sound would become their main inspiration, as well as their shared passion for … Continued