Unknown – Due – HOWL002

The HOWL is back, are you ready to howl? We’ve had the pleasure to review the debut double disc from Giovanni & Germano’s label HOWL not too long ago (link), and we’re pleased to say the sophomore 12” is as … Continued


Konrad Black “The Scorched Earth” EP review

It’s been a decade since Todd Shillington aka Konrad Black’s last release came out- discounting 2012’s collaboration with Art Department, which seems a near eternity in a scene where transience and flux predominates. Intentional hyperbole aside, with the incredible volume … Continued


Crihan released “Uelden” EP on Ultrastretch

It is no exaggeration to say that Ultrastretch has accumulated an array of outstanding releases and artists since its creation in 2011. One knows that being as renown a representative of the underground music scene as Sammy Dee is, he … Continued


Cobblestone Jazz “Northern Lights” Ep review

Cobblestone Jazz represents the Canadian west coast music scene again with a new release – Northern Lights- at Itiswhatitis record label, the cradle of birth for both Mathew Jonson and the Cobblestone Jazz crew. On A side in Northern Lights … Continued

Sense Of Swing EP

Malin Genie “Sense of Swing” EP review

Nick Putman aka Malin Genie released his first EP in 2012. Since then the Amsterdam/Paris based DJ and producer joined Mandar along with Samuel Andre Madsen aka S.A.M and Lazare Hoche with whom he also co-owned the label Oscillat. Although … Continued


Verrina & Ventura – Uno – [HOWL001] Review

Giovanni Verrina and Germano Ventura are no strangers when it comes to the murky world of techno, the first being part owner of the well established All Inn Records imprint, as well as partners in crime with the former as … Continued


Fumiya Tanaka “UFO Training” EP review

With a discography that dates back two decades, Kyoto’s Fumiya Tanaka is one of those producers who needs little in the way of an introduction. UFO Training sees Tanaka add Cabanne & Eric V’s Minibar label to his extensive list … Continued


Seuil “Chocolate Gangsta” EP review

The month of May starts promising with a catchy EP from Seuil – Chocolate Gangsta- released at Eklo, his own label established since 2007. Eklo gained a lot of popularity along the years mostly because of all the young and … Continued

PTX Suciu

Suciu – Reactiiletale EP Review

PTXS 003 – Suciu – Reactiiletale – Part I “Hats off” was our instant reaction to Suciu`s Reactiiletale (in translation “Your reactions”) EP, the first part of this third release on the silver series at Pressure Traxx. A1 side`s Dusintors … Continued


O’ld Dog “Beyond Belief” EP review

Low Money Music Love started back in 2013 seeing it’s first release in the form of a VA featuring legendary Steve O’Sullivan sharing slots with O’ld Dog and Chop Suey. Fast forward to 2015 and we’re greeted by their fourth … Continued


Barac – Verniana EP (PTX 011) review

Pressure Traxx is getting ready to welcome Barac this April with his Verniana EP. Previously known as part of the Romanian project NoiDoi,  Barac decided to go solo a few years back and since then released at labels like ODD … Continued

PALOTIE001 LP cover

Suburbs “Din Suflet” EP [PALOTIE 001]

Suburbs decided to launch their own label- Palotie- in April and we couldn`t be more excited at hearing the good news. Four tracks- Amazon, Therapy, Trip and Craiasa – will enchant our ears on this first release, all of them … Continued


Fumiya Tanaka, Beautiful Town EP Review

  Fumiya Tanaka decided this February to join the experimental team at Pluie/Noir with his “Beautiful Town” EP. On the A-side neighbourhood the one and only street is called the Abacus Avenue and we got hooked while wandering up and … Continued


LowMoneyMusicLove “Pocket Rocket” EP review

The third release from LowMoneyMusic Love came out in October last year, an EP suggestively called “Pocket Rocket”.  We couldn`t decipher much the meaning of the “pocket” part but when it came to the “rocket” one we knew right away … Continued


Crihan, Transit Station incl. Petre Inspirescu remix [NAU004]

Romanian record label Naural is preparing to start 2015 with a fresh release that comes with another debut, the talented Romanian artist Crihan. Intricate and subtle, the A-side, Transit Station, excites the listener on a mental scale, an irresistible blend … Continued


Holdie Gawn and Micawber released “Vimmes” EP on Sylphe

It is a complete paradox how some labels manage to get all the attention from the electronic music industry by keeping a very low profile and sharing as little information as possible about their artists. SYLPHE managed to do this … Continued

motif 003

Adrian Niculae – Fundamental LP Review [MTF003]

Adrian Niculae to some, Priku to others, no matter how you know Motif’s creative director and owner, you can’t deny his appetite for a solid groove. His previous output on labels such as [a:rpia:r], All Inn and his own Motif … Continued


Tom Ellis released “Limited Volume 3″ on Black Key Records

Brighton based label Black Key Records has a special delivery for the season, all wrapped up nicely in the package comes Tom Ellis`s so called “Limited volume 3”. Four tracks and all of them gems, with very distinctive sounds, lots … Continued

mrr primu' final

V.A. – Primu’ [MRR001] Review

Club Midi is one of the most respected and loved establishments to come out of the Eastern part of Europe in recent years. As the saying goes, the proof lies in the pudding, Club Midi being a part of DJ … Continued


Barac and OdD “Photosynthesize” EP available in stores

Autumn boom at OdD Music from the London based duo and Romanian producer Barac. They joined their forces and guess what? They nailed it! Beautifully symmetric, this EP hides within two tracks and two remixes. OdD`s Lignum Vitae just couldn`t … Continued

Verrina & Ventura - Pavone di oz

Verrina & Ventura, Il Pavone di Oz LP Review

Verrina & Ventura, otherwise known for their label (together with Polarize) All Inn Records prepare and serve the next release on Italian Only300 Family Records. Much like the “only 300” suggests, the original tracks while being clean sounding and dj/club/crowd … Continued

Les sons de la Lisière

Lisière Collectif, Les sons de la Lisière EP Review

  Probably many of you wonder who these guys are and where they come from so we`ll give you three clues: Romania, underground and techno. Bogdan, Andu and Dan`s project was founded last year, and “Le sons de la Lisiere” … Continued


San Proper “Yestoday” EP (Perlon 99) is now available

Amsterdam underground heavyweight San Proper is releasing on May 6 the Yestoday EP via Perlon. The pilot track, Yestoday, is very dance-like and it feels like you’re at a fair, a circus or some kind of a freakshow at the … Continued

AMP006 preview

Petre Inspirescu – La Doi Pasi EP [AMP006]

“Next up on Romanian label Amphia, we offer an exquisite and unique sounding two track EP from none other than our very own Petre Inspirescu. A side features the broken, old school beat and mangled baseline of “La Doi Pasi”. … Continued


Traian Chereches to release “Permanent Night” on Sleep is Commercial

The dark side of the electronic genre was finally out! Traian Chereches released on the 11th of November 2013 his latest two-sided 12” vinyl – Permanent Midnight. Permanent Midnight is the result of a very productive collaboration with the Sleep … Continued