Closing Party 2010 , RPR SOUND 17 Decembrie 2010 Club Midi

RPR SOUNDSYSTEM : Rhadoo / Pedro / Raresh

Due to the artists refusal to compromise , there are certain rumors circulating around the trio : Rhadoo is or would be the brains of the project and a more radical part, Pedro the delicate and abstract part, and Raresh the social part , the soul of the project.  Each one of the has it’s own story , all of them have a sort of symbiotic connection to one another , each one of them has its own perception regarding electronic music , and despite all these diferences they manage to find common line , we think this is the beauty of RPR.  Raresh always smilling , Pedro hiding under his cap, Rhadoo the tall one and a more serios attitude. It’s all fun but also it’s quality electronic music.




Entrance 15 RON  till midnight , 30 afterwards

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