Cobblestone Jazz “Northern Lights” Ep review

Cobblestone Jazz represents the Canadian west coast music scene again with a new release – Northern Lights- at Itiswhatitis record label, the cradle of birth for both Mathew Jonson and the Cobblestone Jazz crew.

On A side in Northern Lights the minimalistic sounds transcend time and space just like the Aurora Borealis does on the night sky. It feels like there is no beginning and no definite end, everything bounds to perfection.

Drawn From The Side Of Crime is a more vivid and complex track when it comes to its musical arrangement but still goes hand in hand with the overall mood of this EP.

It seems like with each new release the guys from Cobblestone Jazz manage to go beyond any previously established limits when it comes to improvisation. They continuously defy all expectations and surprise their listeners and that is perhaps why we are all so eager on hearing what`s next and keen on waiting even for long periods of time for their next work of art.

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