Cocoon Heroes with Ricardo Villalobos & Raresh at Cocorico on 18th August 2012

Call it coincidence or intention, Cocorico and its rooster crow of a name certainly has a lot to be cocky about. Why? Well, not only has it rocketed into the top half of this poll as a new entry, it consistently books the biggest names in electronic music but also fills itself with fevered Italian hedonists obsessed by the smell of rave-blood.

And to be a little more specific, you can make an idea about this club when you see lineups as this one: this Saturday, tomorrow 18th August, Cocorico, in Rimini, invites you for a session of quality music with Ricardo Villalobos and Raresh. Now we cannot say for certain but this will probably be another long b2b session that will keep the italians up till late in the morning.

More info here.

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