Concrete label debut release,”Textures”, to be released on 11th February

Concrete (Paris) is the creation of a day party concept, expanding from 7:00 to 0:00, where the Sunday takes an entirely different look. Originally it was a bunch of passionate deep house buddies, who decided to reunite on Sunday to finish off the week or to start a new one.

This time around the parisian club/promoter decides to start a new adventures, in the label area. The label is called, as you might guess, Concrete Music and it will have its debut, most probably, on 11th February.

The release will be a mixture of three separate vinyls so a VA type of release containing names like Priku, Cabanne, Binh or Dario Zenker to name a few. More details to be revealed soon, until then you can check out the snippets below.

More info here.

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