Conforce to launch Time Dilation on 4 February 2013

It’s increasingly hard to keep tabs on everything Boris Bunnik does these days, but one of his most loved aliases is Conforce. It is that identity he assumes here for a return to one of his most regular homes, Delsin, following the still excellent ‘Escapism‘ album he served up at the end of 2011.

This Time Dilation EP is designed for deeper dancefloors: ‘Nomad‘ roams in dark and derelict spaces with the clatter of machines off in the distance and a sense of tension never far away. ‘Receiver‘ is a more purposeful cut that rolls on vast techno kicks as glassy tinkles and ominous synths colour the backdrop before ‘Last Anthem‘ bangs the hardest of the lot. It’s techno, but techno stuff with cinematism, techno that really traps you in the imagined alien world of Conforce from start to finish.

Closing out the EP with ‘Embrace‘, Bunnik brings you back to earth with a softening dub cushion that glides forwards through more huge open spaces that sound like underwater caves. Few design sounds as evocative as this man, despite the fact he does so on such a regular basis.

Details here.

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