Cosmin TRG exclusive interview

While having Cosmin TRG as main guest for our anniversary party, that will follow on 19th of February we managed to interview the artist. We sure appreciate his work and involvement in electronic music so we “kinda” needed to ask him:

At what age did you started djing ?

I was about 22 when I started mixing records.

What were the records that you played back then ?

Probably some weird bits from Peace Division, Uberzone, Koma&Bones.

Imagine in words a perfect place to play in ?

Four walls and a soundsystem usually do it for me.

Tell us a bit more about the venue that impressed you the most ?

Smart Bar Chicago – excellent soundsystem, brilliant people running it, very friendly vibes.

What’s the diference between TRG playing live and/or dj ?

TRG is a discontinued project, I now play as Cosmin TRG. Playing live usually involves me remixing my own tunes on the fly in a continous manner.

What would you say about your last release and future ones as well ?

I’d say they are more “me” than ever before. I hope my future ones are even more personal.

Nowadays you will move to berlin like we heard , so how do you think this big moment will improve your career ?

Changing the scenery has always affected me one way or another, so I’m curious to see how those sights and sounds will affect my music. I need constant change.

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