Cristi Cons – Duette EP Review


As it turns out, Cristi Cons is quite the story teller, but in the sonic sense. His latest release, “Duette EP” on Parisian label Makesense is a jungle of futuristic sounds, deep basslines and immense spaces.

The A side “Manual Redus” is like a symphony of the future, very complex but still stays quite precise and well conducted throughout. Very well balanced in intensity, each element has its place carefully crafted inside the mix. The way some of the elements are modulated is a real treat, giving this piece a very unique flavour.

The B side begins with “Florenza” which is much cleaner and crisper and also more aerated than the previous. The percussion is very punchy and hypnotic enough to keep you going while you try and decipher the hidden message conveyed in the distant pads and cymbals, if fact the whole track seems like it’s an alien message from afar coded in sound. The delayed bass is not really there to accompany the drums, but is standing on its own like a call from the deep beyond.

We continue along to the final piece in this puzzle which sounds a bit more familiar and earthbound. The title track “Duette” sounds is the more dancefloor oriented of the three, but still retaining some of the flavours found in the previous two, almost like a blend with more of a tool quality to it.

Although some of the melodic content may seem just random notes, this release leaves you well assured that everything in there is under control somehow, in a mysterious and rather spooky way, I must admit. Everything about this release feels special and more fit for an album or some really dark afterhour spots rather than your run-of-the-mill type.

Review Cristi Cons “Duette” EP Makesense002

A Manual Redus

B1 Florenza

B2 Duette

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